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A Letter From The Pres.

Dear Fellow Jeeper and Off-Road Enthusiast,
I just wanted to drop a letter to you to let you know the type of club we are. First, we really don’t consider us a club but a FAMILY. We are very family oriented and enjoy seeing the husbands, wives, and especially the kiddos coming to the events and trips with us. We are more on the expedition style of jeeping, in which we take trips to Big Bend, Cloudcroft, Carlsbad, Red River, and we will do the occasional off-road parks. We practice “TREAD LIGHTLY” anywhere we go.  We do lots of camping but also try to go to places for those who want a hotel room.  We are very involved in our community in which we hold an annual Toys for Tot drive in Nov., we do blood donations, carwashes, and various other charitable events. We also do a 9/11 Tribute run in which we take goodies to all the fire stations in Odessa. We have a Frist Friday Jeep Family Hangout every month to help keep you informed of all the activities as well.  Feel free to come hang out any time you don’t have to be a member to come to the meetings or a trip, we want you to come meet us and visit and make sure we are the family you want to be a part of.
Your fellow Jeeper and Off-Roader,

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